Hippies unite @ Veggie SF

A new veggie cafe opened in the heart of Central, which makes you feel like you’ve time- travelled back to San Francisco in the 50s.

peek into the kitchen

During that period, it seems the Beatnik movement thrived.

The Beat philosophy was generally anti materialistic and stressed the importance of bettering one’s inner self over and above material possessions.

However, most customers who frequent this place are more yuppies than hippies.

Click to find out the wide array of fusion cuisines served in this cosy cafe.

My maiden trip here was during the Monday Meat-Free Vegan Meet up organised by John and Shara.

Here’s what I ate:

miso pumpkin soup

Unlike your typical Japanese miso soup, this starter seems more western containing tofu cubes and asparagus in miso and pumpkin base.

I am Fabulous

I didn’t invent that name, it’s what this tomato and cheese burger’s called in the menu.

I like the beetroot pate, which doesn’t taste too raw like it would have been if it’s in slices. It comes with thick potato and pumpkin wedges too.

Union Square

This lasagne dish is made of cheese, eggplant, zucchini and textured vegetable protein. Topped with basil and decorated with a mint leaf, it adds a zing to the otherwise cheesy dish. (If you’re vegan, you can request for no cheese.)

Unlike most veggie lasagne, this is not over cheesy and is choc -a- block with ingredients.

Japan Town

Doesn’t this look like an authentic Japanese dish – veggie style? It’s called Jap style mixed pearl brown rice with assorted goodies. My friend, Monica ordered it so didn’t get to try and not sure if they still have this dish in the new menu anymore. No harm asking though.

happy customers

More pictures of the cafe and smiley faces of contented customers.


A little about the decor – when the lift opens on the 10th floor, you’ll be greeted by this display.

Manageress Bess Choi says she bought all these nick nacks from America and they are all shipped into Hong Kong. Can you see that the cupboard is actually a door?

take me home

Since Bess is a Buddhist, she reserves a corner of the cafe with Buddhist books that people can bring home for free.

As Bess says, she wants her customers to come into her restaurant and feel like they’re in an oasis from the hustle and bustle of work during their lunch breaks.

house salad

I went back a second time on the weekend and tried different dishes. The house salad is fresh and has a very tasty salad dressing.

ginger & beetroot soup

The ginger and beetroot soup is topped with hints of rosemary. I like the strong ginger taste and although it’s said to contain beetroot, the soup seems to contain potato too.

Japan Town

Another fusion dish, this tortiglioni is stir fried with assorted Japanese mushroom and Chinese celery, not much sauce though.

wanton villa

This veggie wanton villa is like a Tortelloni but using Chinese dumpling skin. It contains mushroom, pumpkin and tofu served with tomato sauce.

pomelo ice cream

We rounded off our lunch with pomelo ice cream, which has real pomelo pulps and skin. Good!

For the house beverage, I ordered a Fairtrade organic coffee called the Ghiradelli Mocha, which apparently has been imported into the territory too.

wise words

When you’re there, do look out for these wise words which are different on each tables.

There’s also a retail corner where you can get very cool notepads and stationery, you won’t miss it since it has placards shouting “Buy Me”.

I’m glad there’s finally an all vegetarian restaurant with a cosy atmosphere in Central to eat. I can give Kosmos a miss now.

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