Pine Tree Cafe

If you’re in Bugis, head on to Fortune Centre and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

There are probably 6-8 vegetarian stalls in the building but I selected the Pine Tree Cafe, which was recommended by Jovin.

She knew the owners and told me they are meticulous in choosing the freshest vegetables and ingredients when it comes to preparing the dishes.

I decided to try the vegetarian version of Hakka lei cha rice.

Hakka lei cha rice

Find out the correct way to enjoy this Hakka cuisine and my take on this shop’s nasi lemak as well as Thai Green Curry.

It was the first time I tried this dish and we were told that the way to eat it is to pour the rice into the big bowl of gravy below.

Le cha gravy

It looks ordinary enough but trust me the gravy has a very pungent basil and peppermint taste to it. However, when you mix it with the brown rice and ingredients, it actually taste not bad.

We also ordered Thai green curry.

Thai green curry

Unlike most curries that has a thick gravy, this is actually quite watery but still tasty and not diluted. I like the vegetarian fish chunks and tofu puffs as they are soaked in gravy and the cauliflower and ladies finger are done just right so they are not soggy.

And the last dish Sarah ordered was I guess her favourite – Nasi Lemak.

Nasi Lemak

I gobbled the fried fish again and absolutely love the chilli sauce (having stayed in Hong Kong for a while now, I sometimes forget how spicy chilli could tingle your taste buds). And those pandan leaf wrapped chicken nuggets were yummy too.

It’s one of the most local and satisfying meals I had in Singapore and enjoyed Sarah’s company thoroughly but it had to be the last time I’m ever seeing her again.

Sarah, this post is dedicated to you. Thanks for insisting you wanted to eat local food and for coming out despite your injured foot and your Christmas present from Peru.

I will never forget your bubbly personality and encouraging words to me and thanks for being a wonderful friend.

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