Power lunch @ Red Restaurant

When I first saw the lunch set menu at Red restaurant in Soho, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of vegetarian options. However, when the waiter found out about my dietary restrictions, he quickly returned with a vegan menu.

Now, that’s a restaurant that is talking to me…

First, the appetizer:

artichoke heart with avocado cherry tomato salad

artichoke heart with avocado cherry tomato salad

The starter has a long name, actually more like a very detailed description – Artichoke hearts with avocado, cherry tomato salad and honey mustard dressing.

The cherry tomatoes tastes refreshing and it goes well with the creamy avocado that is topped with rocket leaves.

Next up, the main course is served – giant eggplant with ratatouille.

eggplant with ratatouille

eggplant with ratatouille

Eggplant is an acquired taste but I’ve grown to love it now and what I like about this vegetable is that it can be cooked in many different ways.

While the tasty ones are usually deep fried, this ‘giant eggplant’ looks very healthy and tastes succulent. Fortunately, it is paired with ratatouille which goes well with the otherwise plain eggplant.

Do not be deceived that this eggplant filled with tomatoes and red peppers is insufficient, after finishing every bit of the vegetables, I felt really full.

I didn’t have enough space for dessert but Belle’s apple crumble and vanilla ice cream looked really tempting….yummy!

apple crumble and vanilla ice cream

apple crumble and vanilla ice cream

Located right below Pure Fitness along the escalators to Soho, Red allows you to people watch the busy lunch crowd while you savour your meal and catch up with friends.

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