Tofu burger @ Freshness

Freshness burgers tofu burger

Freshness' tofu burger

With so many burger joints around in Hong Kong, I’m always on the quest for the best veggie burger in town.

I used to give Freshness Burger a miss because the burger chain wasn’t veggie-friendly before but for a limited period, it’s been promoting its Tofu Burger.

When I said tofu, you really do get a chunky piece, which has a relatively chewy texture compared to the ones that disintegrates easily commonly used in soup.

I was attracted to the avocado cubes that featured in its promotional ad but was a little disappointed when it didn’t arrive like the ad would promise but  a stingy mushy portion on top of the tofu.

Although I have no idea what sauce was being used, they were a bit more generous with the serving and the burger did taste good overall.

criss cross fries

criss cross fries

I opted for its criss cross fries for sides instead of the usual chips and because I’m a potato lover, I enjoyed every bite of it!

Top off the meal with a Yucha soda too.

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