Lunch at World Peace Cafe

After a hectic morning at work, if you head on to the World Peace Cafe for lunch at Wanchai, you’ll be surrounded by a sense of calm.

Not that this place is quiet, you usually have to book in advance to secure seats, but the environment has a positive energy around it.

Perhaps it has to do with the waiters and waitresses who are all volunteers, despite being busy shuttling around tables to take orders and serve food, they are still quite friendly.
World Peace doesn’t offer a wide variety of food you can choose from, just three sets – A, B and C but it does have a good range of Western and Asian fusion.
As you can tell from the pictures, the dishes score points for its presentation but also the quality.
An average lunch set costs close to $100, which comes with a drink and an appetizer.
I like to round off my meal with a cup of organic peppermint tea or cupuccino – World Peace Style.

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