Power lunch @ Cafe O

I was told that the Cafe O on Queens Rd Central is a good place to conduct your meetings since it has 2 levels and obviously quieter upstairs.
Cafe O has a wide range of European food from your usual sandwiches, salads to metre long pizzas.
What I like about this place is it has a good range of vegetarian options particularly for pizzas or even the set meal offers.
I’ve yet to try its lasagne but I enjoyed the calzone and as you can see in the picture below, the cafe was offering a wheat base pizza special.

I opted for the pumpkin and spinach toppings and it was filling without making me feel too sleepy to work later.

The thin, crispy crust helps and knowing that it’s made of wheat flour makes me feel less guilty indulging in such a big portion.

Do give Cafe O a try if you want a healthy lunch fix.

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