Scrambled eggs @ Australia Dairy Company

It’s not a myth that breakfast is an important meal of the day and there have been many studies to prove this, some even claiming that kids who eat their breakfasts perform better in school.
But what we eat for breakfast is interesting too and varies in different places. In Hong Kong, local cha chaan tengs usually serve up chow mien, cheong fun (flat rice sheets), congee or instant noodles.
There’s been quite a number of positive reviews about the Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司 with some reviews say even those from Hong Kong island would travel to Kowloon -Jordan just to eat here.
I decided to make a trip with my sister and we ordered the signature scrambled eggs set that comes with two pieces of toast and a cup of warm Horlicks.
The waiters in white uniforms are very efficient – quick to take your orders and serve up your food.
I sprinkled a generous portion of pepper on the scrambled eggs, found it a little bit salty but overall good enough that it makes me crave for more. The toast was soft and fluffy with a thin layer of butter on each of the slices.
There’s no lounging around at this place though, once you finish your food, you are expected to leave as people keep streaming in.
Would love to go there again and for my friends from overseas who want an authentic breakfast, I’ll be sure to recommend this place to them.
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