Salad Buffet @ JW Marriott

Salads can be eaten as a meal on its own and it’s becoming popular to create your own salads by choosing the ingredients you like than be forced to choose from the limited salad varieties i.e. ceasar salad.

If you like to pamper yourself with a good salad meal, you could go to JW Marriott for its salad lunch buffet. The hotel also offers noodle and dessert buffet and if you are feeling famished, you could always opt for all three.
I like the experience of having control over what I eat from choosing and seeing how it’s made. Once you are settled and have your seat, proceed to the salad bar and grab a bowl – it’s huge (as big as your face and deep too) then pick the ingredients you like, some ingredients I love include kidney beans, spinach leaves, corn, chick peas, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese.
When your bowl is reasonably filled with all the ingredients you like, you surrender it to the ‘tosser’ who will ask you which salad dressing you want (I like to choose at least 2 different dressing) before pouring it into a metal bowl and mixing your creation into a delicious salad feast.
Viola! You can now dig into your salad creation. I love gorging into my giant bowl of salad.
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