Buddha Hut

If you want a vegetarian version of the likes of local fast food chains such as Fairwood or Cafe De Coral, there’s just one such restaurant located near Kowloon Bay MTR station called Buddha Hut.

I decided to make my way there one afternoon and took my friend, Jessie along. We ordered cold buckwheat noodles sprinkled with sesame seeds on top and gravy that comes separately, when added gives the dish a refreshing taste.
The chicken satay dipped in peanut sauce is not too spicy yet rich enough to go well with the tangy texture of the veggie meat.
My all time favourite is the laksa but I reckon it would have tasted more ‘authentic’ if served with thick vermicelli instead.

This is definitely a good place to get delicious vegetarian food at reasonable prices.

For vegetarians who are put off by the veggie-unfriendly menus at the usual fast food restaurants, Buddha Hut is like an oasis where your challenge is to have such a wide variety of dishes from Chinese to Western cusines to choose from.

After a bit of shopping, I couldn’t stop myself from returning to grab a mushroom pie for a snack before heading home.

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