Paramita Vegetarian

Paramita vegetarian restaurant offers fushion food that looks and taste a little too much like real meat and is definitely for the more adventourous food lover. Some carnivores don’t understand why vegetarians want to eat veggie meats but these are designed to lure new converts who have decided to go vegetarian for merciful reasons yet still crave for ‘meat’ without having to kill animals.

For starters, the cold dish offers a selection of sashimi, japanese green salad and snail meat. I’m not really a big fan of veggie snail meat because I find the texture kind of rubbery but love the sashimi, which I usually dip with wasabi and soy sauce.
After the starters, the main courses includes the duckmeat and lotus hotpot. I like hotpots that usually comes with lots of gravy but this dish is relatively dry as if it’s been stir-fried. The lotus root is fresh and crunchy while the duck meat tastes good without tasting fake.
Next comes the beef tomato rice that looks like the typical “char chang teng” dish and it’s tasty despite being overload with tomatoes and tomato sauce that usually make it too sour.
The prawn in curry sauce goes well with rice, not your typical Southeast Asian rich and spicy curry but good enough to make you want more.

We ended dinner with a plate of kueh-kuehs – local desserts.

There are 2 Paramita restaurants – one located in the hustle and bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui on Haiphong Rd and the other in Victoria Tower shopping mall on Canton Rd.

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