Lafuma Cafe

A cafe named after its sports brand. Lafuma Cafe positions itself as offering traditional alpine food from France.

When you enter the premises on the 3rd floor, the cafe transports you to a wooden cottage lodge where the walls are filled with pictures of famous mountain climbers. It gives a cozy feeling and makes you forget you just trudged out from the hustle and bustle of Mongkok.

There are many different types of cheese fondues available and we ended up with the tomato cheese. I love dipping the potatoes into the fondue although bread tasted just as good.

Yvonne kept complaining that the fondue tasted too strong of wine but I thought it’s alright. And thank goodness the japanese curry eggplant baked rice was so yummy that even Yvonne was won over!

It’s a pity the service wasn’t exactly excellent as the waitress misunderstood me a couple of times and kept giving me cold drinks even after I requested for warm ones.

I’ll still want to go back again to try its other dishes particularly the risottos.

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