Cart Noodles

Since Cart noodles or 车仔面 has the create your own noodles concept, it’s seldom you end up with food you don’t like.

However, I was being a little adventourous and ticked the vegetarian curry squid which I didn’t end up liking its rubbery texture.

On the return visit, I ordered the mini sausage with cheese again. You could taste the cheese when you bite into it but it’s not too much to ooze out of your mouth.

I wanted to try the tom yum flavour for the soup base but I got satay flavour again. It’s good but would have loved to try different soup bases. Next time…

Special thanks to Serain who recommended me to this vegetarian cart noodles at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Cart noodles came about in the 1950s in Hong Kong as street vendors operate on roadsites and in low-income districts of public housing estates via carts. It has since become a cultural icon.

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