Dinner @ Al Dente

There are 3 Al Dente restaurants in Hong Kong. I’ve tried it during lunch but enjoyed my experience better during dinner when I get to choose from the menu. This is my first time at the Al Dente at Sun Hung Kai, which is more spacious than the one I usually frequent on Jaffe Street in Wanchai. This restaurant is dog-friendly too so Pamela and Charlotte brought Bailey along to have dinner with me. The mozarella sticks taste good as it was not too over-fried and I like to eat it with plum sauce that gives it that added touch. We had 2 sticks each so we didn’t have the chance to get too sick with an overdose of cheese.
The portabello mushrooms topped with cottage cheese and tomatoes was yummy too. I initially thought it would come with the shrooms only but it turned out there were other toppings and it helped that the shrooms were juicy and succulent.
The mixed vegetable pasta is generous with its ingredients such as capsicum and zuchinni. It was a little dry but nice when you sprinkle it with tobasco.
We had Tiramisu for dessert and it sure perks me up! The three of us were attacking the tiramisu and finished it very quickly. All in all, a most enjoyable and relaxing dinner.

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