Dinner @ Spunky Spasso

It was Sunday and we were hanging out at Harbour City again. After shopping at Muji, we decided to give Spasso, a nifty Italian restaurant with a beautiful seaview atop the shopping mall a try. Our starter was the tempura egg, rocket lettuce and sundried tomato salad. As it was International Women’s Day, 8th March, we were each given a bouquet of dried flowers. Nice!
The pizza was huge but yummy as it came out hot from the oven. As you can see, it’s filled with lots of ingredients, the base is not too thick and when you splash it with hints of tabasco, tastes good indeed!
The pumpkin penne in creme sauce was delicious. I’m usually quite weary of creme sauce pasta as it could sometimes get too rich and you feel sick of it after just a few mouthfuls. This one is just right. The ambience at the terrace was good, even though it was a bit chilly, it was nice to chill out and have dinner on a Sunday evening al fresco style.

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