Dinner buffet @ W Hotel

Grabbed an assortment of veggies for appetizers – beetroot, tomatoes, roasted potatoes and salad plus crackers and different types of cheese.
The dessert section caught my attention most. This is a mini oven that contains apple crumble and creme brulee in traditional chinese cups.
A wide angle view of the dessert selection. Instead of serving the usual chocolate fondue, W Hotel serves up strawberry fondue.
I tried to capture the rest of the desserts available – too many to try! Wish I could eat them all!
I couldn’t take my eyes off the dessert selection all evening and ended up with this plate. The cherry topped jelly like dessert (not sure the proper name for it) has alcohol inside, which tastes not bad. Creme brulee didn’t disappoint and I loved the tiramisu the best! The ambience at W Hotel was awesome although my back was facing the harbourfront. It was an evening well-spent at the W.

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