Feast @ Causeway Bay

For the Lunar New Year, I was invited to attend 千人宴, which is loosely translated as “Feast for a Thousand” at a restaurant with a sea view in Causeway Bay. However, I was not seated near the windows, so I missed out on the spectacular seaview. The dinner was like a typical full-course meal at a Chinese restaurant for important occasions such as at a wedding. This is interesting because it’s got a stage that offers entertainment catering to a very local and matured crowd as some of the guests were from a senior home. There were stage singers and performances as well as lucky draw.
I’ve highlighted some of the dishes in this entry there are two plates of cold dishes. I like the beancurd skin in the first picture but the mayonnaise in the second picture was too creamy for my liking. I did enjoy the deep fried veggie cuttlefish ball though.
Broccoli is my all time favourite vegetable and I like the beancurd roll with mushroom especially since the skin is tender as it has been soaked in gravy.
This picture has been posed to make the dish look appetizing. And the melon did taste good with the bok choy at the sides. I reckon it’s a very cantonese dish as it does not contain strong spices or seasoning.
We were served the sweets towards the end of the feast. I like both the “kueh kueh” which is very popular locally. It’s only when I come to Hong Kong that I’ve acquired the taste to enjoy osmanthus ‘cake’ with wolfberry seeds. I like the hint of the flower and the refreshing and cooling effect of the ‘cake’. The other flavour is coconut and red bean. We rounded off the feast with the papaya and white fungus dessert! It was quite a feast indeed!

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