Lunch @ The Mistral

I was invited to lunch at The Mistral, an Italian restaurant at the Intercontinental Grand Standford Hotel a second time and it never fail to disappoint. I started with the antipasto buffet and had my favourite selections of grilled vegetables, fresh tomatoes and cheese. For the main course, I tried the asparagus rissotto. Even though there wasn’t much ingredients in the rissotto, the thick creamy sauce was refreshing and delicious. There was a hint of asparagus in the sauce but it wasn’t too overwhelming and I managed to finish almost the entire plate without feeling that the cream sauce was too heavy for me. Of course, I didn’t miss out on the dessert buffet and had my favourite lavender panna cotta. I love the subtle taste of lavender and it went well to finish off the whole meal. All in all, I had a tasty lunch at The Mistral and was glad to be introduced to the chef and received special attention from the manager. Apparently the ingredients are all imported from Italy. Thanks Tina for inviting us!

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