Tonkatsu and Sushi dinner

This is the curry pork cutlet noodles from Gaia vegetarian restaurant @ Causeway Bay. The crispy pork cutlet has a layer of japanese curry on top. I have not tried the authentic Japanese Tonkatsu dish before but I think the pork cutlet looks like the real thing.

However, I like the sushi better. Out of the three different types of sushi, I prefer the eel avocado roll the best! Perhaps I personally like avocado so it tastes good but the eel ‘meat’ is tasty too. The other two flavours are the salmon meat floss sushi and the ginger pork sushi. The ginger pork sushi has a layer of green seaweed flakes which gives it a nice texture but I cannot really taste the seaweed though. Sushi is nice when you dip it with a little soya sauce and wasabi but the restaurant is very slow in serving more soya sauce. I had to make do with what I have.
Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Gaia and I will have another place to recommend my friends when we go CWB.

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