Build your own burger

Fancy building your own burger? Well, they didn’t really allow me to change around the ingredients, so they shouldn’t claim themselves as the DIY restaurant. However, they did allow me to switch the bread to a honey wheat one which tasted better than the norm. What I like about Gourmet Burger Union is that it has a special vegetarian soy patty which is like its signature vegetarian ‘meat’ in the place. My veggie burger comes with a special aglio olio sauce similar to mayonnaise but better. I prefer if there’s more vegetables in my burger but the staff refused to let me swap the onions for tomatoes. I paid around $60 for the burger, a bit on the high side compared to other burger places but I figured it’s because it’s located near SOHO. Wanted to try their sides but the burger filled me up completely. If I have a huge appetite, I would order a milkshake too but I usually have to give that up. I like to try Monster Burger next.

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  1. You are my saviour! I am a veggie and I love food…but it has been so difficult for me to dig up places which serve good vegetarian food in Hong Kong. And then I stumbled across your web site. great job and please keep posting more 🙂

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