Extra Spicy Yunan Noodles

Once you step into the restaurant, you feel like you have entered a karoke establishment. There were some disco lights at the front and I was greeted by a staff who brought me to an empty table and left me to create my own dish. The order form was all in Chinese so I took a while to figure out the ingredients before ticking my selection of vegetables, seaweed and tofu puffs. I opted for the extra spicy flavour and despite the staff warning me that it would be really spicy, I decided to ‘challenge’ myself anyway. It turned out to be extremely spicy and I could even see a layer of chilli oil floating on top of the soup towards the end of the meal. I was basically dipping my noodles to remove the chilli flakes but the noodles did taste delicious. However, after finishing my meal, I felt like I was going to puke. It was way too spicy and it certainly didn’t go down well in my stomach. I swear next time I go, I’ll just stick to ‘little spicy’ and not be gung -ho to tick the ‘big spicy’ option.

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