Tien Yi Sushi

Presenting my Xmas set lunch present from my sister. This is quite an authentic Japanese restaurant at Knutsford Terrace and usually if a Japanese restaurant is ‘authentic’ it will be tough for me to find any food inside. But, this restaurant actually offers a vegetarian set meal! And it’s very well decorated and presented. The food is freshly made, right down to the ginger and wasabi.
Another side dish – I like the pumpkin and the gravy tastes deliciously savoury.
My sister reckons the udon is rather ordinary but I like the simplicity of this dish with a dash of seeweed. The portion seems tiny at first but when eaten in all, it adds up to just the right amount for my tummy! I ordered a cup of coffee to round off my meal. Love to come back here again perhaps to celebrate a special occasion?

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