Potato all the way from Ireland?

Is it true there’s an Irish proverb that there are two things that can’t be joked: 1. marriage 2. potato? Anyway, that’s how Ireland’s potato is selling its goods. It seems they take their potatoes very seriously. I was trying to do some research about Irish potato and found a bleak history of the Irish potato famine. Well, back to the potatoes, I was walking in Mongkok when I saw random people enjoying their tubs of Ireland’s potato. I noticed that the outlet offers a wide variety of toppings from honey mustard, curry powder, yoghurt cream to special cheese flavours. I opted for wasabi mayonnaise which turned out to be a little bit too thick and rich for me. However, the chips taste good and if I have a french fries craving again I will definitely return to try the other flavours.

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