Siamese noodles, anyone?

Wish I had more time in Singapore so I could hunt down the best Mee Siam in town. But I liked the one I had at Bendemeer with my Aunt and her daughter, cousin Huiling, who coincidentally blogged about our meal in her blog. I’m not sure these were the authentic ingredients but it sure tastes good and I chomped down the dish in minutes. I’ve yet to find a similar variant of the vegetarian version in Hong Kong. I need to get the recipie from my Aunty but I’m afraid the ingredients might not be available here. According to Wikipedia, Mee Siam is orginally a Thai dish but became a Nonya specialty prepared by all races in Singapore with slight variation in ingredients. For the uninformed, Mee Siam is a dish of thin rice noodles in spicy, sweet and sour light gravy. I think what makes or breaks a good Mee Siam lies in the gravy and how well done the noodles are plus the ingredients such as dried bean curd, bean sprouts, boiled egg and tamarind to go along with. Now I really miss my mee siam. I want to hunt it down in Hong Kong unless I learn to make some myself then I will organise a mee siam party and invite you over. Perhaps on February 30. We’ll see.

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