Croquette burger @ MOS

I’ve always loved the croquette burger at MOS and there’s usually two flavours I can choose from. The curry or original one. I wonder why it’s only exclusive to Singapore though? When I’m at MOS in Hong Kong, I can only order the Kimpiri burger, which I’ve learnt that it’s an acquired taste. But beggars can’t be choosers, better than no option at all! But I guess when you head to MOS Burger, it’s not just the burger but the rest of the sides that comes with it. I love the thick french fries and the ketchup that the restaurant serves in white plastic saucers. MOS Burger has this minimalist yet fresh and contemporary feel about the whole place. It’s the experience of chomping down the burger in this kind of atmosphere. I used to like the peach tea here but since coming to Hong Kong, I prefer the maccha now. Whenever I have a MOS craving, I will head down to Langham Place. “One Set A Kimpiri burger please…”

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