Kaya toast + Half-boiled eggs = Delicious Brekky

What is a good ol’ breakfast for you? Since coming to Hong Kong, I’ve been eating chee cheong fun and recently started to take my cereals with brown rice milk again. But I will never pass up the chance to grab a full breakfast at my favourite YaKun store, which I did, when I caught up with Shehli, who is pregnant with her second kid and Cherisse who brought a surprise friend, Rayana along!

How I love those half-boiled eggs especially when you break the yolks and you must add lots of black sauce and pepper. Looks gooey but when you slurp it down… its sooo delicious! It didn’t taste very raw at all. I also ordered my kaya toast since I haven’t had decent kaya in Hong Kong. Supermarkets do stock Kaya but they are never as good as the ones back home. I forgot to check out Delifrance coz I know they sell kaya puffs too but not in Hong Kong…

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  1. for some reason I like buttered toast with half-boiled eggs. haven’t found someplace that does it best except at HOME 😀 when mum forces me to eat them… hahaha
    enjoyed your blog dear!

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