Sista’s favourite restaurant in SOHO

Just before leaving for Kuala Lumpur for a Buddhist Seminar, my sister has suggested that we ‘celebrate’ my departure at her favourite restaurant Jaspas in SOHO. The first time I came to Hong Kong, she brought me to the one in Sai Kung but ever since, we usually come to the one in SOHO instead. I like the variety of dishes that the restaurant offers from Mexican, Arabic to Western. This time I told my sister to be more adventurous and to try the pita bread with the different dips. I prefer the bhabhaganoush (eggplant) paste better than hummus (chickpeas). But my sister commented that both taste the same to her. I learn to love these pastes when I was studying in Australia. They used to sell it cheap at the supermarkets. But when I come back to Asia, it’s not very common and costs much more.Particularly when you are in Hong Kong, you only get ketchup, not even chilli sauce! We had a mushroom spaghetti before rounding off with a giant meringue that kept sticking to my teeth. I like dessert in general but not very impressed when they get stuck to my teeth. Anyway, my sister enjoyed it more than me and had a larger portion. Thank goodness!

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