Where’s your favourite pasta restaurant?

Where do you usually go for pasta? What do you look for in a pasta? Do you prefer more ingredients less pasta or more pasta and few ingredients? How about the sauce? How do you prefer it to be done?

My sister’s colleague introduced her to a restaurant called Pasta de Waraku after reading someone’s blog, so we decided to travel all the way to Tsuen Wan to check out the new shopping mall called CityWalk where there’s an outlet.

The Japanese inspired restaurant does indeed serve pretty delicious pasta and it has a few dishes suitable for the vegetarian palette. However, it is rather pricey for a very tiny portion. We had to order a few different dishes but that weren’t enough for us either. So we had to go to Mos Burger to grab some fries afterwards.

My verdict is if you want to just try for fun, then go ahead and check out this pasta place. The ambience of the restaurant is cozy and spacious. But if you want to fill your stomach, then be prepared to pay much more. For the amount I had to fish out, I could have gone to a better restaurant like Amaroni’s Little Italy at Festival Walk instead.

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