Local snack

My big fat juicy “zha leong”. I wonder what’s the English name of this local food call? Flour stick wrapped in rice noodle skin? But that’s basically what this is, it’s the “you cha kwei” that deep fried flour stick that is wrapped with a layer of the “chee cheong fun”. I love it when you have the whole shabang -sweet paste, peanut sauce and sesame seeds – it just makes the whole dish so flavoursome.

I discovered this big yummy zha leong when I travelled all the way to Sai Wan Ho near Quarry Bay where my JC friend used to stay. She’s now returned to Singapore (sob sob one less Singaporean friend here). Back to my zha leong, so it’s made fresh, like when you order a plate, the store owner will spread out the skin of the cheong fun and then roll the you zha kwei and chop chop chop and bingo! I get my big fat yummy zha leong. I think the zha leong here rocks! And it only costs HK$10. I think if I start craving for it, I will make a trip there – despite the long train ride from home. 45 bloody minutes! Arggh!!!

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  1. 妳說的食物是「炸兩」,一般來說,味道只是普通,反而好味與否,可能取決於其用來調味的豉油。如果油炸鬼新鮮製成,入口還是「脆卜卜」的話,用來做炸兩就非常美味!

  2. I wonder if they have such stuff in New York, perhaps you can try the Chinese restaurants. The dim sum or yum cha ones. They might have it. If not, then maybe you need to make a trip to Asia, particularly Hong Kong. 🙂

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